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Our resume of work stretches to over 63 different companies and consist of Aerial Data Gathering, Inspection Services, Cinematic Production and Emergency Response.

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Hover Vision 3D Mapping

Cushing, Oklahoma

Oil tank building project monitored on a twice a month basis. Mapping of the project as well as taking high-resolution photos was a source of construction monitoring used by the project manager. This project was featured in an article published by a worldwide UAV online blog. Click on the image to the left for a look at the 3D model made of this project. Click here to read the original article and click here to read the follow-up article written after completion of the project.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Economic Construction is the Contractor for the new economic development north of Broken Arrow proper. Volume calculations monitored the incoming and usage of aggregate and fill dirt. 3D model constructed and contour lines, with elevation designation, created to assist in proper grading requirements. Tri-Star is a first class operation and their attention to detail is of the highest quality.

Hover Vision Thermal Imaging

Hover Visions is proud to offer thermal imaging solutions to its list of products offered to our clients.  The images shown above are actual images taken and processed by Hover Visions; not copied off the internet and used to promote our service in hopes of getting business.  The image to the far left is a thermal scan of a public water storage tank in west Tulsa.  The center image is a thermal imaging scan at an electrical substation which shows a possible insulator issue.  The right side image is a thermal scan of an oil storage tank facility showing tank levels.  This is a project performed for trading market investors.

Storm Water Engineering Mapping

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hover Visions was contracted by Swift Water Resources Engineering to fly and map 250 miles of storm water drainage assets for the City of Tulsa. Prior to having aerial UAV flights done to complete this study, individuals were hired to walk each mile of each asset and take notes on the condition of water runs. Some photos were taken during this process, however, an overall visual perspective of the conditions of each asset was not available. Now, with the use of UAV mapping, all assets are flown, mapped and forwarded to Meshek & Associates Engineering in Tulsa, OK to overlay each mapped flight onto the city’s engineering GIS mapping system. This project is a “first of its kind” in the State of Oklahoma.

Earthquake Damage Assesment

Cushing, Oklahoma

Cushing shaken by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake on 11/7/16.  Hover Visions was called in by emergency response authorities to scan damage of these areas and found significant structural anomalies.  Thermal scan shows a penetrating major crack in the boiler furnace chimney (arrows showing the location of cracks) that were unseen on the ground. A follow-up flight was performed with an optical zoom lens camera that revealed the extent of the cracking discovered by the thermal scan (left and upper left images) as well as other structural damage. The image on the left shows a detaching of a facial decorative attachment on this historic building. All images were immediately shared with emergency response agencies for their review.

Hover Visions was honored to have provided this service “FREE OF CHARGE” to emergency response agencies to this disaster. The Cushing Fire, Police, City Manager’s office and County Emergency Management did an impeccable job in their process of mitigating this hazard for the citizens they serve.

Aerial Highway 3D Modeling

Manford, Oklahoma

Sherwood Construction Company currently working on Highway 51 west of Mannford, Oklahoma. The 3D model shows grading work to the south side of the highway and some of the work done below grade in the river area where bridge work will begin soon.  Sherwood is a leading Oklahoma construction company and performs some of the finest work I have seen.

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