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Hover Visions is one of the oldest and most experienced FAA Licensed UAV Services in the South-Central United States.    Legal Aspects and Operations.

 Legal Operations by UAV Companies

In order to perform commercial UAV (drone) operations within the United States, operators MUST be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. There are two types of licensure that will allow an operator to legally provide UAV services on a commercial basis.  The first type of license is called a FAA 333 Exemption and the second type is a Part 107 Remote Pilot License.  An operator must hold one of the two.  Hover Visions holds both a FAA 333 Exemption AND a Part 107 Remote Pilot license. Additionally, all Hover Visions pilots hold a Part 61 FAA Private Manned Aircraft Pilots License or better.  If an operator does not hold either of these certifications, then flying for hire is a federal offense punishable by a fine of up to $27,000 and/or a year in jail.  An individual or organization hiring an illegal operator can also be held liable for the act of hiring an illegal operator. In addition to the federal offense, if an illegal operator is involved in an accident, whether or not they carry insurance, any damage or injury caused by the act of using their UAV will not be covered by an insurance policy as stated in any insurance document that states “actions in violation of state or federal law during the use of an insured’s UAV will relieve the insurance company of any and all liability related to accidents in the performance of operations conducted by the insurance policyholder”. Any liability resulting from an accident caused by an illegal operator can then fall back on the person(s) hiring the illegal operation.

Hover Visions holds a FAA 333 Exemption, a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, a Part 61 Manned Pilot’s License and is insured with a liability insurance policy of $1 million dollars to protect our clients and ourselves.

What To Look For In A UAV Company

On September 1, 2016, the rules governing commercial use and certification of UAV pilots was changed by the FAA. Prior to September 1, 2016, UAV operations and pilots were subjected to strenuous oversight by the FAA including the requirement that any commercial UAV pilot must hold a manned aircraft pilot’s license and then proceeded to classify UAV’s as “aircraft” under federal law.  When the change in certification took place on September 1, 2016, the change now allows certifying of new UAV pilots and commercial operations by having them pass an online knowledge test to obtain their certification for operation; no requirement for flight experience, no pilot license required and limited knowledge of how to operate in the National Airspace System.  Persons, 16 years of age or older, are now free to go to the local hobby shop, purchase a drone, put up a website, pass an online test and start legally flying the next day. This is the difference of the knowledge, skills and abilities of an FAA 333 Exempt pilot and a Part 107 pilot.

Hiring a UAV operation that is both FAA 333 Exempt and Part 107 assures you of an operation that has many hours of flight experience, ongoing aviation piloting experience plus the knowledge, skills and abilities well beyond that of only a Part 107 pilot. It is our desire that if you decide not to hire Hover Visions for your project, that you do hire an operation that holds an FAA 333 Exempt Certificate and FAA Private Pilot’s License as a minimum.  Without these two documents, an operation can not be 333 Exempt and are in violation of FAA regulations.

Licensed, properly insured UAV operators are happy to provide proof of their license and insurance coverage to any interested potential client. Hover Visions is always willing to provide proof of their FAA 333 Exemption, Part 107 certificate, $1 million dollar liability insurance policy and copy of their Part 61 Private Pilot’s License.  All pilots flying for Hover Visions, at a minimum, certificate holding FAA Private Pilots with 200 or more hours of manned aircraft flight time.

Claims of Large Number of Flights Hours by Part 107 Only Pilots

FLIGHT TIME CLAIMS: We have recently seen claims made, on the websites of new Part 107 pilots, that they have 400, 500, 600 and even more hours of flight time experience in UAV operations. This is not only impossible but it is a falsification of documents. As an example, Hover Visions flights are digitally recorded within the UAV and logs are electronically sent to the FAA for documentation. As of this time, Hover Visions has performed over 1600 individual flights.  Each flight averages 8 minutes per flight. That is 1600 x 8= 12,800 minutes or 214 UAV flight hours since the start of our business in early 2013. So, as you can see, having more than 30 hours since September 1, 2016, would be, most likely, impossible.

This type of claim is a violation of the Code of Federal Regulations.  14 CFR 61.59 (a) 2 provides that the falsification of flight logs is a federal offense. 

In the end, don’t fall for the claim of a large number of UAV flight hours from Part 107 only pilots.  Always ask for records if you have questions as to the truthfulness of any claim by a UAV operator.

We look forward to serving you with honesty and experience.

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