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It is difficult, at best, to provide “upfront pricing” concerning the cost of flying a project. Over the past few years, it is more than apparent that each and every project is different from any project that has come before it. Most individuals do not truly understand the steps necessary to evaluate a project and the information necessary to make a firm, guaranteed bid to fly that project. Therefore, Hover Visions gathers criteria based flight information in an effort to provide a firm, guaranteed price for your project. Making contact with us at Hover Visions is a great first step in the process of gaining a cost estimate for your shoot. Information is gathered, a free-of-charge inspection of the site is performed and the cost is forwarded to the client for their acceptance or denial. No follow-up marketing calls and/or endless emails are employed to pressure your decision; you wish for us to perform the aerial work for you, for the price we have quoted or you don’t. It’s just that simple. 

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