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Hover Visions Emergency Response UAV Services

Hover Visions is proud to offer Emergency Response Drone Services, free of charge, to emergency response organizations whenever the need for aerial services is required. Search and Rescue, large structure and wildland fires, natural disasters and any other type of emergency response will benefit in the use of aerial data. 

Hover Visions Drone Emergency Response Services

Emergency Flood and Water Response

Emergency Fire Response

All Hover Visions pilots are certified through the Department of Homeland Security with the following qualifications: NIMS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 & 800 certifications. These required qualifications of emergency responders assure Incident Commanders that our services understands and will follow the Incident Command System used by all emergency response agencies nationwide.

Hover Visions Earthquake Damage Assesment

Cushing, Oklahoma

Cushing shaken by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake on 11/7/16.  Hover Visions was called in by emergency response authorities to scan damage of these areas and found significant structural anomalies.  Thermal scan shows a penetrating major crack in the boiler furnace chimney (arrows showing the location of cracks) that were unseen on the ground. A follow-up flight was performed with an optical zoom lens camera that revealed the extent of the cracking discovered by the thermal scan (left and upper left images) as well as other structural damage. The image on the left shows a detaching of a facial decorative attachment on this historic building. All images were immediately shared with emergency response agencies for their review.

Hover Visions was honored to have provided this service “FREE OF CHARGE” to emergency response agencies to this disaster. The Cushing Fire, Police, City Manager’s office and County Emergency Management did an impeccable job in their process of mitigating this hazard for the citizens they serve.

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