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Hover Visions UAV Aerial Data Gathering

Land set for Pre-Construction as well as land used for aggregate, sand and coal will benefit from the use of current and up-to-date aerial data gathering.

Hover Visions Land and Development Project Aerial Data Gathering

Construction Project

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Multi-Story Office Complex Construction

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From Pre-Construction work through the finished and completed project, Hover Visions provides the best aerial data collection process, aerial photography and video support for your operational needs. Data collection, photos and/or video of your project are taken on a set scheduled in an effort to assist the client in the monitoring of a project. Mapping processes can also assist Project Managers in project oversite during construction phases.

Hover Visions Pit and Quarry Aerial Data

Rock Quarry Aerial Photography


3D Rendering of Rock Quarry


Aggregate, Sand, Coal and other like kind producers will realize a great benefit from actionable aerial data collected on their site. After processing photos from an aerial scan, Hover Visions can provide stockpile volume calculations, slope grading calculations, area measurements, 3D models, Contour models and more.  Resulting calculations are within 1% to 2% of land-based surveys, is performed in a safer manner, can many times be performed without coming onto the property, completed 40% to 50% faster than traditional methods and is 30% to 40% cheaper.

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