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The Owner/Chief Pilot of Hover Visions is Dale Parrish. Dale founded his company in early 2013 and based his operations in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has expanded his operations location to include Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Dale retired in 2012 after a 30-year career in the professional fire services and started his UAV company out of his love for aviation.  Dale is a licensed manned aircraft pilot with over 600 hours of logged flight time in single and multi-engine land airplanes as well as time logged in helicopter flight.

Dale’s experience in manned aircraft operations has given him the aeronautical knowledge, skills and abilities to operate UAV’s safely and within the rules published by the United States Federal Aviation Administration.  Hover Visions has provided services to some of the largest and most recognizable firms in the USA and has performed work on projects located in NY, PA, MD, AR, MO, TX, OK, KS, CO, CA and AZ.

Hover Visions Equipment

DJI Matrice 100

The UAV shown (left) is the DJI Matrice 100. This aircraft was custom built to include dual battery compartments for longer flight time as well as obstacle avoidance sensors. This aircraft is specifically used to complete projects requiring extended flight time, such as large mining and rock quarry data gathering, long highway construction projects, land surveys on property containing 50 acres or more, construction projects requiring several flights to capture better 3D model imagesand point clouds and much more. The two main cameras use on this aircraft is the high resolution 20MP RGB camera and a FLIR 6400×512 radiometric thermal imaging camera. We have staff members that are certified Level 1 thermographers capable of analyzing and interrupting images and video produced by this sensor. 

DJI Inspire 1 2.0

Three of our 5 aircraft are DJI Inspire 1 2.0 versions. Although these aircraft can be “off the shelf” ordered, Hover Visions custom orders aircraft with specifications that are not found on off the shelf models. These aircraft are used in cinematic production, shorter aerial data collection flights, utility inspection and small agriculture projects. There are three cameras normally carried on these aircraft. Camera number one is the most often carried which is a mirrorless 4/3rds cinematic camera use on all our broadcasting production work and high-resolution photo shoots.  The next camera carried by these aircraft is an NIR (near infrared) camera used in agriculture projects that assist Ag production operations with plant health aerial data. Camera number three is a Thermal Imaging sensor used to perform aerial thermal imaging inspections of utilities and infrastructure such as cell tower inspections, power line and pipeline inspection, wind turbine and bridge inspections, and other inspections in which thermal imaging will provide actionable aerial data to recognize and correct potential issues.

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